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Questions and Answers

  • You can add exactly one person for each will. But you are not limited in amount of wills. Separate your digital assets into different wills for different people.

  • No. You can make a gift to a close person for a special date, also it’s a great way to keep access to assets for yourself.

  • The short answer – yes. Safety of your assets is our primary goal. Your private key does not leave your browser and removes as soon as you close the browser tab.

  • Your assets won’t be released if you have missed confirmation once. But if you do not confirm your activity during a long period of time the service will release your assets and the heir will get access to it.

  • Any data you are able to digitalize. Our platform supports raw text information and binary files (it could be images, video files, cryptocurrency private keys, document in any format - docx, xlsx, pdf and so on).