The best way to hand your cryptocurrencies and other digital assets as a heritage

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Why should I do that?

Wallet Recovery Services Company claims that their specialists can restore the access to the cryptowallets only in 30% of cases
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  • Keys and passwords

    Keys and passwords from cryptocurrency wallets

  • Social profiles

    E-mail and social network profiles

  • Photos and documents

    Gigabytes of photos and documents on cloud storages

Secure by design

Longplay platform securely stores your data on Ethereum blockchain. Your data is encrypted twice with the AES256 encryption.

Encrypted twice

By design of AES256 only you and your successors can have access to your heritage and in just in case of certain events have happened. These events you set up yourself.

Longplay platform or any other person cannot read your data because private ETH key of your successor is needed to decrypt it.

How it works?

Our platform creates a smart contract, according to which your activity will be checked and in case of inactivity the inheritance is automatically transferred to the heir.

  • Blockchain

    Your assets are stored in encrypted form in the blockchain

  • Checking activity

    Service Providers check your activity

  • Release your will

    In case of inactivity, the service provider opens access to the inheritance to the beneficiary

Our team of experts

Being leaders of the industry, we combine professional mobile and blockchain developers with extensive experience to create new ways of doing things.

  • Sergey Denisyuk

    Sergey Denisyuk


    Sergey has 9 years of experience in building software products leading his company MobileUp to the top-10 of mobile developers in Russia. He gathered perfect tech team to build complex mobile and blockchain products. Major clients include Sberbank and MasterCard as well as innovative international startups.

  • Eugene Valeyev

    Eugene Valeyev


    Eugene possesses 10+ years of overall experience and has spent 8+ years as the CTO at MobileUp. He has wide background in mobile development, cryptography, blockchain, high-load etc.

  • Olga Tiagunova

    Olga Tiagunova


    Specialist with 8 years of experience in the development of marketing policy, the creation and promotion of brands. Has been working in the IT field since 2015. Developed a successful start-up in the realm of virtual reality. Interested in blockchain technology and its practical application in various fields. Successfully worked with 3 ICO. She was engaged in the withdrawal of IT products to the European, Asian and Australian markets.

  • Filipp Filchenko

    Filipp Filchenko


    Web-designer since 2010. Filipp began to engage in mobile applications in 2013, when he opened a design studio with a partner and assembled a team of talented designers. Fil taught the direction WEB-Design in the school of Internet technologies Epic skills for 3 years. For 5 years Fil managed to work with the top studios of St. Petersburg + large clients such as and Kaspersky. Since 2015, he works Heads the design department at MobileUp.